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Association with no one else around??

A while ago, a group of us were hanging out together at a network marketing convention and somebody commented how they really enjoyed going. Well, why wouldn’t they?? You’re associating with very optimistic people that have a plan and you’re getting empowered with info. It is fun.

Then you go back to your day job if you’re not independent yet. Nice people all of them and I genuinely like and respect them but you get a lot negativity about the job itself. “It’s four days until Friday”, “Paying the bills”, and so on. The wattage in your battery starts to ebb a bit.

So how do keep that charge you had when you were associating with those optimistic people at the convention?? I was talking with the awesome Kelly S. Elliot about Og Mandino.  And that’s it.  You have books, tapes, cd’s where you can read/listen/learn information from very optimistic people that not only have a plan but have implemented it.  After delving into them consistently, you get your batteries back to peak.  Key word here is consistently.

It’s understood that everyone has a budget but it is  a worthwhile investment into yourself.  A short list of names that I like.  Tapes: Jerry Clark, Jeff Combs, Dani Johnson.  Books: Zig Ziglar, Jim Rohn, Florence Shinn, Dorothea Brand.

Thanks for your time.  I’ll leave you with what I tell my daughter: Go learn something.

Make it a great day

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  1. Posted November 17, 2010 at 12:09 am | Permalink

    How true it is you get your attitude drained sometimes when you around negativity and the way to fill up is with positive people or books and tapes. Money should not be an issue their are plenty at the library for you to use free of charge.

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